Choosing A Low Maintenance Natural Stone For Your Bathroom


Natural stone tiles, counter tops and fittings can add a touch of real class and luxury to any unloved bathroom, and in the right hands they are durable, long lasting additions to your bathroom decor. However, some natural stones are much more user-friendly than others, and the regular maintenance and care that more delicate stones require can put a lot of home owners off the material as a whole.

But do not be discouraged -- there are a number of natural stones available for bathroom renovations that do not require such tender loving care. Some stones are beautiful and tough and require minimal maintenance to keep them looking beautiful for years or even decades.


This attractive metamorphic stone is beloved by stonemasons and craftsmen the world over for its unique, striated patterning. You might be tempted to think that this kind of beauty requires some intense maintenance, but soapstone is one of the very easiest natural stones to take care of. Because its surface is totally non-porous, it will not stain or provoke grout rot and does not require sealing. Soapstone is also less brittle than most other metamorphic stones, so impact damage will generally consist of small dents rather than large chips and cracks. While many people choose to rub soapstone with mineral oil to even out surface oxidisation and discolouration, this is not a necessity.

Belgian bluestone

People with some knowledge of natural stones may baulk at the idea of putting limestone in their bathroom, and rightly so, as the porous surface of limestone readily absorbs all kinds of stains and marks. However, limestone should not be written off entirely -- Belgian bluestone is a distinctively dark limestone accented with pale surface patterning, and as such, stains are practically unnoticeable.

The greatest advantage of Belgian bluestone, however, is the fact that damage can actually add to its aesthetic value. The intricate web of scuffs and scratches that develops with regular use are initially pale but oxidise over time to create a subtle and attractive patina. If this look does not appeal to you, occasional applications of olive or linseed oil will easily maintain a more traditional, glossy appearance.

Lava stone

A relatively new addition to the field of natural stone décor, lava stone is exactly what you'd expect -- stone made from cooled and solidified lava. Lava stone tiles and slabs may be prohibitively expensive for some, but for pure performance they are difficult to match. Lava stone does not stain or oxidise and has the same extraordinary toughness and durability as most igneous stones. Lava stone is also aesthetically versatile, as it is one of very few natural stones suitable for enamelling, so lava stone can be coated and coloured to practically any shade or colour. 

For more information and options for natural stone in the bathroom, talk with a bathroom renovation contractor, such as those at Jeppesen Design Pty Ltd.


8 March 2016

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