Know the Right Kind of Shower Head for Your Bathroom


Every high profile bathroom design is complemented by the presence of a good shower head. After all is said and done about decorating your bathroom, it all comes back to enjoying a good shower. Knowing the best showerhead to install in your bathroom will improve your showering experience in your home. Below are some of the aspects you should consider before buying a showerhead.

Ability to Save Water

Any shower fixture you choose should offer the right water economy. You don't want to go for a showerhead that ends up increasing your water bills by a significant margin or one that does little in conserving water. To avoid this, there are some showerheads that have adjustable settings to enable users select their water-saving levels. The showerhead senses the water level according to the settings.

Comfort Levels

The main purpose of investing in a good showerhead is to improve your showering experience. Most bathroom experts recommend a rainfall shower head because it offers a soothing feeling as normal rain would. This type of showerhead offers multiple spray patterns such as water saving trickle, powerful massage or drenching rain storm among others.

Design and Finish

Besides the functionality aspect of a showerhead, it's good to make sure it is attractive. You can make your showerhead the centerpiece of your bathroom. Nowadays there are LED shower heads that are designed to change color when water temperature changes. This can be a good way to incorporate a contemporary feel to your old bathroom. If you are not looking to change the entire design of the bathroom, then you need to buy a showerhead that matches your current bathroom fixtures.


You also need a showerhead that is multi-functional in terms of delivering different spray patterns. In most cases, showerheads that offer a single pattern tend to be boring because you get the same showering experience every day. With a multi-functional showerhead, you can change spray patterns every now and then to make showering more relaxing and enjoyable.

Safety concerns

Whenever you shower using hot water, your skin is prone to scalds. Scalds are burns that cause damage to the skin when you use water that is too hot. To avoid this risk, it's recommended that you buy a showerhead that comes with an anti-scald feature. Such showerheads are designed to reduce water to a trickle whenever the temperatures are too high.

For more bathroom renovation ideas, talk to a professional.


10 March 2016

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