Bathroom Remodelling | 4 Decoratively-Clever Tricks To Magnify The Space Of Your Small Bathroom


Small bathrooms are notorious for being crunched for space, which can make it incredibly stressful when you're just looking for a relaxing time away from your busy life. Fitting everything into your tiny space may seem like a puzzle because you have to think about a shower, a sink, a toilet, a vanity and more. Follow these tricks to magnify small spaces through bathroom remodelling.

Take The Sink All The Way To The Corner

During small bathroom renovations, your biggest goal is to maximise the space you have. You must take advantage of otherwise unused corner spaces by installing a specially designed corner sink. Pedestal sinks can disrupt moving space in a small bathroom, so corner sinks work best for opening up more floor space.

Mount The Vanity And Choose A Rounded Version

Vanities can take up a significant amount of space in small bathrooms, so your best option is to mount them during your bathroom remodelling project. This not only frees up floor clutter, but it also visually opens up the room because of larger floor space available. Snug bathrooms are hazardous when you have vanities with sharp corners because you could hurt yourself if you accidentally walk into them. Instead, opt for rounded vanities to avoid these preventable hazards during bathroom remodelling.

Use The Same Tiles On Floors And Walls For Uninterrupted Continuity

The problem with many small bathrooms is the fact that they have different tiles on their floors and walls, which can make the space look even tinier. This is because different tiles create a broken and interrupted space that seems to close in on you. Instead, your best option is to choose the same tiles for your floors and walls because this produces uninterrupted continuity and gives the visual impression of a bigger room.

Create A Full Mirrored Wall

Mirrors reflect artificial and natural light by bouncing light deep into the space, which can potentially make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter. With this in mind, you can get your bathroom remodelling contractors to install a mirrored wall to give the illusion of depth and space. A mirrored wall not only opens up your tiny bathroom, but it also enables more than one person to use the mirror at a given point. This can be incredibly useful when many people in your family need to get ready at the same time.

During bathroom remodelling, these decoratively clever tricks will help to magnify your tiny bathroom space.


1 August 2016

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