3 Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Dowdy Kitchen a Modern Makeover


Like clothing fashions, trends in interior design change rather rapidly from year to year and decade to decade. Kitchens that are more than five years old tend to have fallen out of from the current design trends but doing a full-scale renovation after such a short time may feel like an indulgence that you don't have the time or money for.

If your kitchen is in otherwise great condition, it's possible to give your kitchen a modern facelift by simply changing a few small, key features. This is particularly true if the bare bones, such as the benchtop and cabinets, are simple, neutral and made from standard, timeless materials. Here are three simple changes that you can make that are quick, easy and inexpensive but will give your kitchen a fresh and contemporary look.

1. Add new tapware

Tapware may not be a large feature in a kitchen but it has a big impact on the overall look of the room. It can make it appear as though you've upgraded your entire sink area without the expense, mess and time. Replace your old tapware with a sleek and stylish modern version, such as matte black, curved polished chrome or burnished metal such as copper, brass or rose gold.

2. Paint your cabinets

Colour in the kitchen is back in a huge way and painting your old cabinets is a fast yet effective way to give your kitchen a more contemporary look. Make sure that you opt for paint that's designed for use in the kitchen where it will be exposed to heat and humidity. Dark hues, such as slate grey, charcoal black and midnight blue are popular right now. If you prefer something lighter and brighter, dusty blues and greens are other great choices.

3. Introduce pendant lighting

Playing around with your kitchen's lighting is another way to bring some modern style to an out of date kitchen look. Pendant lighting that hangs above your island bench will add a sculptural element to the room as well as helping to develop a more intimate and relaxed ambience. Try to tie your pendant lighting in with your new tapware by matching this finish. This will give your kitchen a more cohesive and well-planned look.

With these simple changes, you can give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel. It's an excellent way to keep it looking stylish and modern until a larger scale renovation will be needed several years down the track.


29 June 2018

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