Considerations When Selecting A Stone Benchtop For Your Kitchen


Rocks emerge over thousands of years, and as local minerals fall into fissures and cracks, they create the myriad of colours and effects that you see in various slabs. Some of these pieces, after being carved into counters, end up gracing kitchens around the world. Here are some considerations when looking for your stone kitchen benchtop

New Design Or Existing Decor

The countertop is one element among many in a kitchen landscape, and to create a harmonious design, you'll need to consider the overall picture. If you are you redesigning everything, you'll have more freedom in picking colours. Otherwise, if you're working with existing components, such as splashbacks and cabinets, you'll need complementary hues. Another factor is your kitchen's style. For classic elegance, you could incorporate white or black marble — or for a comfortable feel, the warm browns and creams in a speckled granite might be perfect. For an industrial aesthetic, you could favour a slate-grey surface.

Colours And Patterns

Natural stone offers endless colour and pattern mutations, including blues, greens, creams and charcoals. Travertine and sandstone display earthy, warm fawns, pinks and yellows, while marble and granite often show more fluctuations in a rainbow of hues. Some slabs have striking designs, and others are softly warming. You'll need to consider the role of the counter in the overall design. Are you looking for a stunning stone to form a centrepiece, or would you prefer a more subdued benchtop that blends with other elements?

Light Or Dark

It's not only colours and patterns which determine a counter's feel — its lightness or darkness come into play also. Black stones may be striking, but your kitchen will need ample light to pull it off; otherwise, the room can descend into a dungeon-like space. With surrounding white cupboards and walls, however, a black countertop forms a striking contrast. Conversely, white stone in a brightly lit kitchen can appear insipid without a context of dark cabinetry.

Finish It Off

You may have noticed the diverse finishes when researching counters. Glancing at a polished marble or granite benchtop, you'll see reflections from outside a window or overhead lighting. These shiny blurred images give lightness and depth to the surface, no matter how dark. Honed stone, on the other hand, with a soft satiny sheen, shows a richness of colour without such reflective interruptions. A leathered finish — giving a matte, rustic look — is another option. Which finish is best depends on your personal preference, though polished surfaces are less porous and easier to maintain. However, you'll need to seal all stone benchtops, regardless of the finish. 


29 April 2020

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