Factors to Bear in Mind When Installing a Kitchen Island


One element you might contemplate during a remodel is a custom kitchen island. Not only are these pieces of joinery functional, but you can design them with lovely colours and textures to create a standout focal point. When planning the island, make sure you're clear on its purpose and intended day-to-day use so you can make the best decisions. Bear the following factors in mind.

Walking Space

If you install a too-big island, your kitchen will end up feeling cramped. It won't be comfortable if friends and family need to squeeze past each other when working together in the kitchen. Thus, make sure you select the optimum size for your space.

Work Out Its Purpose

Consider how you intend to use it. Is additional benchtop area your primary concern, or are you keener on fitting a cooktop to form a handy kitchen triangle between the stove, sink, and fridge? One possibility would be to place the sink and dishwasher on the island. Its central placement allows you to arrange appliances around the kitchen, so it's easy to move from one to the other.  Alternatively, you might envisage the island mainly as a social hub around which everyone can enjoy breakfast or snacks and drinks. Remember that you may need to run extra electrical wiring and plumbing depending on your choices.


A kitchen island provides extra storage options. Consider what type of items you'd like to deposit there. If it's dinner plates and cutlery, try to position the cupboards in a convenient place for when serving time comes. If these cabinets face where you're cooking, for instance, everyone will get in each other's way. Also, allow adequate surrounding floor area for opening the doors and accessing what's inside.

Sitting Around the Island

It can be uncomfortable assembling at an island, with legs squashed to one side so that you can't stretch them out properly. Thus, if you intend that people sit around the counter, build a comfortable hollow for their legs. You could install cupboards on one side only or in sections. 

Make It Stand Out

No matter how you set your island up functionally — you can always make it a beautiful focal point. You could cover it with a gorgeous piece of granite or marble. You could then pick out one of the hues in the rock to match with laminate counters in the surrounding areas, thus, reducing overall costs. Another way to dress up your island is to install cabinets in a contrasting tone to the other cupboards. For example, the island doors could be citrus while the surrounding cabinets are grey.

For more information, contact a joinery service.


15 September 2020

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