Simple Laundry Renovations That Will Have a Massive Impact in This Room


If you have a large family, you likely spend a considerable amount of time in the laundry room. Just as you think you are done with one load of laundry, you have another one to get to and this unending cycle can put a damper on one's spirits. But have you considered updating the appearance of this space so that it sparks joy rather than breeds dread? Simply because this area is considered one of the most utilitarian rooms in a house does not mean that it cannot be stylish enough to make you happy and perhaps even excited to spend time in it. Fortunately, laundry renovations do not have to break the bank. Identifying some problem areas allows you to improve the functionality of the room while injecting some appeal too. Check out the following examples of simple laundry renovations that will have a massive impact in this room.

Add a pop of colour

Colour can go a long way in influencing one's overall mood so rather than sticking to the sterile white walls that laundry rooms are renowned for, you should consider adding a hue that will stimulate your senses. Yellow, for example, is a fantastic hue for this room as it adds a sunny disposition to an otherwise gloomy chore. You could choose to apply a bright yellow on one wall to transform it into the focal point of the room or opt for a pastel hue of yellow on all the walls to brighten up the entire space. If your taste is more minimalist-inclined, use an accent colour that will add much-needed radiance while allowing you to maintain a neutral colour scheme.

Integrate benchtops

Whether you have a spacious or cramped laundry room, workspaces are essential as laundry entails a lot of counter work in the form of folding, ironing and so on. If you do not have any raised, flat surfaces in this room, you will be forced to complete your laundry tasks in another part of the home, which can prove cumbersome. A solution to this issue is to request your remodelling contractors integrate benchtops as part of your laundry room renovations. Multiple benchtops will give you separate workspaces and this can allow you to organise your laundry chores into stages. Moreover, these benchtops present the chance to have someone else help with the laundry as you can iron at one workspace while the clothes are folded at another.

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18 December 2020

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