Considerations When Renovating Your Kitchen


When renovating a kitchen, you need to think about many different aspects to create a space that looks and works as you envisage. Following are several considerations when planning your place.


The lighting affects the practicality and the ambience of a kitchen. Rather than installing one basic ceiling light, you could fit recessed lighting in several spots so that the room is more evenly lit. A central globe can create bright and shadow areas. Extra ceiling lights won't necessarily result in glare, though. You can install muted lights but more of them.

Other possibilities include under-cabinet lights to ensure you can easily prepare food on the benchtop. You might fancy lighting in cupboards also. If you control the various globes with different switches, you can transform the kitchen depending on the occasion. For instance, you could create a festive effect by turning on some under cabinet lights only. Alternatively, you might want to brighten a particular area with a pendant light so people can read a newspaper or study at the kitchen table.


The amount of storage you need depends on how many people live in your home. A kitchen design expert can advise on your particular requirements. To make the most of your layout, install smart storage. Rather than traditional cupboards that waste vertical space, install drawers of different depths. Some can hold pots and pans, while others contain crockery and other's store food. A pull out narrow pantry with wire racks can make use of narrow areas.


When installing a benchtop, think about its aesthetic impact and how much maintenance the material needs. Timber creates a warm atmosphere, but it requires regular oiling. While wood is relatively soft and can dent and scratch, you can re-sand it to create a new pristine surface. Natural stone is another attractive option, spreading earthy blues, greys, greens, and other hues around the kitchen. These counters require regular sealing. Granite is quite resilient, while marble is softer and more susceptible to etching from acidic foods. Laminate offers a wide variety of designs, and it copes with daily life so long as you use trivets and cutting boards.

Work Triangle

When it comes to getting around your kitchen and cooking, you need to think of the layout and how the refrigerator, sink, and stovetop relate. Their proximity and arrangement are called the kitchen triangle. An expert in home renovations can advise on the best design so that you're not needlessly walking from one end of the kitchen to the other. Kitchen islands help by providing more options to arrange all the various components and appliances.

If you are interested in home renovations, talk to a remodelling contractor in your area.


19 March 2021

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Remodeling Contractors and Other Tips

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