Two Tips to Follow When Using a Custom Kitchen Design Service


If you're using a remodelling contractor's custom kitchen design service, here are some tips to follow.

Don't automatically opt for standard-height kitchen benchtops

For a lot of people, standard height benchtops (which are usually around three feet tall) are fine. However, it's important not to opt for these without first thinking about whether you would find it easier to use shorter or taller ones. This is one of the many perks of a custom kitchen design service; you don't have to opt for features that are almost perfect but can instead customise them so they meet your personal standards.

For example, if you're more than six feet tall, then you might find using three-foot benchtops quite difficult. If you are a serious cooking enthusiast and devote lots of time to meal prep and baking, you might find that the hours you spend leaning over towards the benchtops whilst chopping, kneading and mixing eventually gives rise to shoulder or neck pain. As such, it might be worth having the contractor positioning the benchtops so that they're three and a half or four feet off the ground, as this would allow you to feel more comfortable when using them for long periods.

Create as many storage areas as possible

Even if your current collection of kitchen tools, cutlery and equipment is quite small, you must not be stingy when it comes to storage. After deciding how much free floor space you want the kitchen to have and where the main kitchen appliances will go, you should then ensure that the contractor utilises every remaining bit of space for storage.

Doing this will give you more flexibility and freedom, in terms of how you cook and use your kitchen, as time goes on. For example, if in a year or two, you purchase a couple of big kitchen gadgets (like a large food mixer or an air-frying machine), you'll appreciate having a free cupboard in which to store them so that you don't have to leave them out on the benchtop all the time. Likewise, if the size of your household changes (for example, if a partner moves in with you or you start a family), you may need to keep more food, dishes and cutlery in your kitchen than you currently do. If this happens, it could be helpful to already have the space you require for storing these items, as this would mean you wouldn't have to do any further remodelling work.


24 June 2021

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