What are the different styles of cabinet doors?


If you are currently remodeling your kitchen, you might be re-thinking your cabinets. The first choice is to decide on the types of cabinet doors you want. There are many different varieties, from flat and standard to decorative or frameless. Here are some different styles to choose from. Traditional Cabinet Doors The basic cabinet doors, called traditional or sometimes face-frame cabinet doors, have the flat cabinet door framed in a cabinet box.

11 February 2016

Three Ideas for Outdoor Pergola Use


At its heart, a pergola is a fairly simple outdoor adornment that makes use of boards and structure beams to isolate a specific area on a landscape. The Italian-inspired garden feature has seen a revolution in both design options, and uses. Today, pergolas can be used to achieve very many different effects on your outdoor space.  Pergolas can easily be built using ready-to-assemble sets from companies like Australian Lawn Wholesalers for the DIYer, or using experienced remodeling contractors.

21 January 2016