Two Tips to Follow When Using a Custom Kitchen Design Service


If you're using a remodelling contractor's custom kitchen design service, here are some tips to follow. Don't automatically opt for standard-height kitchen benchtops For a lot of people, standard height benchtops (which are usually around three feet tall) are fine. However, it's important not to opt for these without first thinking about whether you would find it easier to use shorter or taller ones. This is one of the many perks of a custom kitchen design service; you don't have to opt for features that are almost perfect but can instead customise them so they meet your personal standards.

24 June 2021

Considerations When Renovating Your Kitchen


When renovating a kitchen, you need to think about many different aspects to create a space that looks and works as you envisage. Following are several considerations when planning your place. Lighting The lighting affects the practicality and the ambience of a kitchen. Rather than installing one basic ceiling light, you could fit recessed lighting in several spots so that the room is more evenly lit. A central globe can create bright and shadow areas.

19 March 2021