How Custom Cabinetry Can Add a Sparkle to Your Kitchen Redesign


Are you lucky to have a fairly large kitchen in your current home? Do you take full advantage of your opportunities with this space or feel somewhat underwhelmed by its current design? If so, why not start with a clean sheet of paper and refurbish this room so it provides you with some inspiration instead. You can start by designing some custom cabinets, which will not only make your kitchen very practical but eye-catching too.

22 June 2022

Two Common Blunders People Make During Bathroom Remodelling Projects


Here are the most common blunders people make when remodelling their bathrooms. Put bathroom accessories too close or too far away from related bathroom suite features One of the many decisions that a person has to make when having their bathroom remodelled is where they'll put the bathroom accessories they've chosen for the room. A common error that people tend to make is putting an accessory where they feel it looks the best, instead of measuring the distance between a particular accessory and the related bathroom suite feature and then placing it at a suitable distance from this feature.

11 March 2022