Three Ideas for Outdoor Pergola Use


At its heart, a pergola is a fairly simple outdoor adornment that makes use of boards and structure beams to isolate a specific area on a landscape. The Italian-inspired garden feature has seen a revolution in both design options, and uses. Today, pergolas can be used to achieve very many different effects on your outdoor space.  Pergolas can easily be built using ready-to-assemble sets from companies like Australian Lawn Wholesalers for the DIYer, or using experienced remodeling contractors. It is often best to consult these individuals for hints and tips if you decide on constructing one yourself. Beyond the average décor capabilities of pergolas, there are three other ways you can use these structures for a better alfresco experience.

Pergolas as transition features

The beauty and outdoor feel of pergolas can be borrowed to define entrances of areas such as backyards, gardens, and even swimming pools. Such pergolas can further be adorned with climbing plants, such as vines, to further accentuate the entrance. Also, a walkway from the side of a house to a garage, for instance, can be covered using a stretched pergola with climbing plants for that outdoor feel during this transition. In such a design, it would probably be best to use wide-beam bases and the tops can be ornamentally cut to complement the design and break monotony. Using pergolas as transition features creates anticipation and a somewhat enchanted desire to see what lies beyond this transitional feature.

Pergolas as shade areas for other outdoor features

Pergolas also function wonderfully as shade space for other outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, hot-tubs, and even Jacuzzis. Such pergolas may be left open on all sides, or closed on one side to offer some form of enclosure and privacy.  A common way to create this closure effect without really losing the openness of pergolas is to use trellises on the side you intend to close off. Pergolas used as shade areas can shed off leaves that may not be good for some areas such as open swimming pools. To tackle this, the pergola shade can be set slightly aside the pool with a well-paved footpath linking the two areas. The pergolas can be covered using plant leaves, straws, or even the new PVC pergola covers that filter various components such as UV from sunrays.

Pergolas as accents

If you lack extensive garden space, you need not worry. Sometimes, pergolas can be best fashioned to work as accents that bring your small space to outdoor life. Corner pergolas, for instance, can be set at just the right corners and filled with plants, terracotta, or even a few deck chairs to come up with an extra exciting detail to your otherwise small house. The patio space of a small house can also be enhanced using a small pergola, which incorporates an extending roof and only two supports. This space can then be ornamented with flowers, vases, and several outdoor décor items.


21 January 2016

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