Two Common Blunders People Make During Bathroom Remodelling Projects


Here are the most common blunders people make when remodelling their bathrooms.

Put bathroom accessories too close or too far away from related bathroom suite features

One of the many decisions that a person has to make when having their bathroom remodelled is where they'll put the bathroom accessories they've chosen for the room. A common error that people tend to make is putting an accessory where they feel it looks the best, instead of measuring the distance between a particular accessory and the related bathroom suite feature and then placing it at a suitable distance from this feature. This can result in the accessory being too far away or too close to its related feature.

For example, a heated towel rail is typically used to hold and warm up bath towels. As such, during a remodelling project, a rail like this should ideally be fitted so that it's within arm's reach of the area where the new bathtub or shower has been installed. Putting it too far away might result in a person having to step out of the shower on cold days and walk across the bathroom, shivering and dripping water on the floor, to pick up their towel.

In contrast, if a person has their contractor put a small hand towel rail too close to the bathroom sink, any handtowels that are left on it might end up getting soaked each time someone turns on the sink taps and splattered with toothpaste when people brush their teeth over the sink.

As such, it's important for those who want to fit new accessories in their bathrooms to try to find a spot for each one that makes it accessible for those using the related bathroom feature without being too close.

Choose bathroom accessories that aren't in proportion with the bathroom suite

The other blunder people make when remodelling their bathrooms is choosing bathroom accessories that look too big or too small in comparison to the bathroom suite. For example, if a person wants a big, luxurious heated towel rail, but their bathroom is tiny and features a compact shower cubicle, not only will this towel rail probably take up too much room, it will also look too large beside the small shower. This will make the bathroom seem smaller.

If on the other hand, they install a very small shelf over their spacious, double-basin bathroom vanity unit, the shelf could look like a miniature doll's house item in comparison to the large unit underneath it. Given this, those who want to remodel their bathroom should compare the size of any accessories they're thinking of buying to the size of the main bathroom features that they'll be near and ensure that they're proportionate.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for bathroom accessories from suppliers near you.


11 March 2022

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