Two tips for homeowners who are remodelling their bathrooms


Here are two tips for homeowners who are remodelling their bathrooms.

They should not order new bathroom accessories until they've decided on a general decorative theme for the bathroom

When people decide to have a room in their home remodelled, they often begin picking up accessories in advance of the project, as they find items that they like. However, in this situation, it's best for the homeowner to hold off on buying new bathroom accessories until after they and their remodelling contractor have come up with a decorative theme for the bathroom.

By doing this, they'll be less likely to waste money on things that won't fit in with the theme. For example, if they were to buy a floral shower curtain on a whim before the project began, they might later find that it's unsuitable for their bathroom. They might, after talking to their remodelling contractor, decide that a nautical theme would work best with the bathroom's existing colour scheme, and so might have to buy another shower curtain that features nautical elements, such as boats or lighthouses.

Furthermore, if they wait to get the accessories until they've chosen a decor theme, they might also find it easier to choose items that will make the newly redesigned bathroom more pleasant to be in. For example, if they have a small bathroom and decide to go for a minimalist decor theme, they might then choose bathroom accessories that not only have a sleek-and-simple aesthetic but are also multi-functional, so they take up less space (such as a wall shelf with an attached towel rail). This could make the bathroom less cluttered and easier to navigate. Conversely, if the homeowner had picked up lots of random bathroom accessories before setting on a minimalist theme, they might end up with lots of items that make their small bathroom cramped and cluttered, and therefore make it harder for them to achieve this decorative look.

They should try to select accessories that are durable enough to stand the test of time in a bathroom environment

When a person goes to the effort and expense of having a contractor remodel their bathroom, they usually want the features of that bathroom to look good and stay functional for a long time. With this in mind, it's best for homeowners in this situation to select accessories not only based on how they'll look in the bathroom but also on their durability. This is important, as the items inside a typical bathroom will be subjected to a lot of heat, humidity and temperature fluctuations.

For example, a shower caddy that's made of stainless steel is very unlikely to rust or fall apart, even when exposed to hot water and humidity in a shower cubicle. Conversely, one made of plastic or a less rust-resistant metal or alloy could easily deteriorate in these conditions. Similarly, a shelf made of teak (which is naturally water-resistant) will be unlikely to rot when exposed to moisture in the bathroom, whereas a cheaper pine shelf could easily decay in this setting.

For more information about choosing bathroom accessories, contact a local supplier.


10 May 2023

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