Kitchen Benchtop Materials You Should Consider For Your Home


One of the main focal points in most kitchens is the benchtops. As such, selecting your kitchen benchtop should not be determined simply by price. You also have to ensure you are selecting a material that will complement the rest of your kitchen. Moreover, it is prudent to select a durable material, as these work surfaces tend to take quite a beating in day-to-day use. There are a myriad of materials to choose from when it comes to selecting kitchen benchtops. Here some of the materials that you should consider for your own kitchen. 

Laminate kitchen benchtops

If your first concern when selecting a kitchen benchtop is how it can fit within your budget, then benchtops made from laminate materials would be an ideal option for you. In addition to this, laminate benchtops come in a wide array of colours and patterns, which ensures you can find something that will enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. It should be noted that, although laminate benchtops are scratch resistant to some degree, they tend to succumb to wear and tear faster than other types of benchtop materials. However, since they are economical, they can be replaced at a reasonable price once they exhibit signs of being worse for wear. 

Granite kitchen benchtops

If your main concern is the durability of your kitchen benchtops, then you should consider benchtops made from solid granite. This type of granite does not have any other materials incorporate into it when it is being manufactured, so there are no additives that will compromise its durability. Granite is a popular option for benchtops for several reasons. Not only is this type of material scratch resistant, but it is also heat resistant. Therefore, you can place your hot pots and pans on it without having to worry about singeing the surface of your benchtops. 

It should be noted that, since it is a natural material, granite is porous. Before you can start using your kitchen benchtops, you would have to ensure they have been sealed so as to prevent any moisture or bacteria from getting into the granite. Once the granite benchtops have been sealed, they are easy to maintain and keep clean. Since solid granite benchtops are not mixed with other materials, they will typically come in an array of natural colours such as greys, blacks or browns. Lastly, since this material is naturally occurring, you can be assured that your benchtops will have a unique appearance due to the stone's natural variations. 


22 June 2016

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