2 budget-friendly tips for achieving a luxurious aesthetic when remodelling a living room


It is surprisingly easy to give a living room a luxurious aesthetic, even if your remodelling budget is fairly small. Continue reading if you need some ideas on how to do this in your home.

Get a remodelling contractor to put some opulent tiles on the floor of your old, sealed-up fireplace

If your living room features a fireplace that is old and sealed-up, then you might be contemplating tearing it out when you remodel this room because it doesn't serve any real aesthetic or practical purpose. However, instead of doing this, you should talk to your remodelling contractor about the possibility of them laying some opulent tiles on the floor of this item. The tile designs within this range are also quite timeless, which means that you won't have to worry about incurring the costs of having them pulled out and replaced anytime soon. 

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to add these types of tiles to your fireplace's floor. The first is that the floor of a typical fireplace is quite small; in most cases, this section is rarely more than a metre long. Because of this, you can lay some very well-made tiles, that will give the room that opulent look you want it to have, without having to blow too much of your remodelling budget, as you will only need a small number of them to cover up this part of the fireplace.

The second reason is that redecorating the fireplace with these tiles, instead of tearing out this item, will mean that you won't have to buy a brand new, luxurious focal point for the room (such as a crystal chandelier or a costly piece of artwork), which would probably be far more expensive than a handful of tiles for the fireplace.

Change large and noticeable areas of the room

If you can only afford to make a limited number of changes to your living room, it is important to ensure that the changes you do end up making are ones which have a dramatic impact on this space. To do this, it is best to get the contractor to remodel the largest and most noticeable parts of the living room, rather than adding subtle luxurious touches.

For example, getting the contractor to fit some elegant white wall panels on the room's walls and having them lay a few beautiful tiles on the floor of the fireplace will add a level of opulence to the room that things like the installation of a designer curtain rail and the addition of lots of luxurious soft furnishings simply cannot, even though these two approaches might cost the same amount of money.

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21 August 2019

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