Ideas You Need to Get a Green and More Relaxing Bathroom


Making your bathroom a place of great relaxation is possible these days as long as you know the renovation ideas to implement. Most homeowners today use safe and sustainable materials and methods when renovating their bathrooms. You don't have to spend every dollar you have in your wallet to make your bathroom look and feel new. Consult some bathroom renovation professionals to learn about some of the cost-effective renovation ideas available. See how you should approach your bathroom renovation project:

Replace Your Hot Water System

Many people get hiked energy bills because they don't use energy-efficient hot water systems in their bathrooms. Do you know the energy consumption rate of the water heater you have been using? Go for a hot water system that doesn't use a lot of energy to heat the water. Energy bills go up when a lot of heat is lost. Replace the current electric hot water system in your bathroom with other energy-efficient water heating systems such as the heat-pump water heater, solar hot water system and gas water heating system.

Enhance Water Efficiency

Your bathroom is among the places where a lot of water gets wasted at home. That's why you should get some energy-efficient appliances and fixtures to replace the ones you have in your bathroom. Getting a water-efficient showerhead will reduce water wastage and reduce your monthly water bills. Are the bathtubs, sinks, faucets and taps in your bathroom water efficient? If they are not, now you know why your water bills are always high. Go for motion sensors and aerators if you want to have some water-efficient taps in your bathroom.

Think About Energy

A bathroom renovation project that doesn't help you conserve energy isn't worth your money. Think of ways you can use to conserve energy if you want to make your bathroom green. Choose energy-efficient vent fans and lighting to get an energy-efficient bathroom. Change your bathroom lights and instead choose low-energy bulbs to prepare your home for the future and save more money. Install fluorescent lights such as tubular lamps and compact fluorescent lamps when renovating your bathroom to conserve more energy. Choose vent fans that don't use a lot of energy to remove moisture and odours that promote mould growth.

A successful bathroom renovation should leave the flooring of your bathroom safer and eco-friendly. Use linoleum floors, wood floors and recycled floors to replace the existing flooring. Always work with bathroom renovation professionals who understand what you want to achieve. Most experts in bathroom renovation know the innovative practices, tools and materials to use to make your small bathroom look bigger and feel more relaxing.


22 October 2019

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