Tips for Renovating a Compact Kitchen to Feel More Spacious


If you're renovating a compact kitchen, consider its size when designing the area. You can choose options to give a sense of spaciousness without increasing the room proportions. Here are several tips to help you through the kitchen renovation process.


The colours you choose for a new kitchen are crucial. Opt for pale neutral hues for the walls and cabinetry to create a sense of openness. If you love bold colours, limit them to a specific spot, such as the splashback or countertop. Additionally, if you want to incorporate dark colours into the decor, place them on the floor or the lower cabinets. Using dark colours high on the walls can give a heavy, closed-in effect.

Natural Light

A room filled with natural light feels larger and more spacious. So consider ways to let more daylight into the kitchen. For example, do the doors face a garden? If so, you could install glass panels and turn the doors into extra windows. Alternatively, you might expand the vertical windows or clear foliage from outside to allow more light to stream inside. Another option may be a skylight or a sun tunnel. These openings can be centrally placed on the ceiling to evenly illuminate the area. Installing several skylights can light up the corners of the room, which will ensure it appears as large as possible.

Reflective Surfaces

Another tip is to install polished surfaces that bounce light around the room. For example, opt for a glass splashback or cover the walls with glossy ceramic tiles. Stainless steel appliances create another glistening surface. On the other hand, matte surfaces absorb light, so they'll have the reverse effect.


The cabinetry is the main single furniture item in the kitchen, so its design will impact how big the room feels. You could install flat, smooth doors rather than ones filled with detail. Doors with ornate contours will give a small kitchen a cluttered feel.  Another tip is to reduce the number of upper cabinets, which will create an airier ambience. For example, you might reserve them for one wall only and install floor-to-ceiling cabinets in that spot.

You can also reduce visual clutter by integrating appliances behind cabinet doors. With the appliances hidden within cupboards, the room will present a more uniform and spacious appearance after your kitchen renovations.

Contact a company that handles kitchen renovations to learn more about your options.


25 October 2021

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