Five Kitchen Features You Need If You Have Small Children


If you have little kids, you may want to keep their needs in mind when choosing the design for your new kitchen. Finding a design that integrates their needs as well as yours, promises to make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable for the whole family. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Eat-in space Even if you have a formal dining room, make sure that you have a spot to eat in your kitchen.

30 August 2016

Bathroom Remodelling | 4 Decoratively-Clever Tricks To Magnify The Space Of Your Small Bathroom


Small bathrooms are notorious for being crunched for space, which can make it incredibly stressful when you're just looking for a relaxing time away from your busy life. Fitting everything into your tiny space may seem like a puzzle because you have to think about a shower, a sink, a toilet, a vanity and more. Follow these tricks to magnify small spaces through bathroom remodelling. Take The Sink All The Way To The Corner

1 August 2016

Making the Most of Lighting during Bathroom Renovations


When some homeowners consider bathroom renovations, their main focus tends to be either in creating additional space in their bathroom or creating more storage space for their bathroom items. However, engaging in bathroom renovations is not simply about updating the look of your bathroom through enlarging it or making it more storage friendly. You can also engage in bathroom renovations that would enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom, which would make it a haven for relaxing after a long day.

18 July 2016

Kitchen Benchtop Materials You Should Consider For Your Home


One of the main focal points in most kitchens is the benchtops. As such, selecting your kitchen benchtop should not be determined simply by price. You also have to ensure you are selecting a material that will complement the rest of your kitchen. Moreover, it is prudent to select a durable material, as these work surfaces tend to take quite a beating in day-to-day use. There are a myriad of materials to choose from when it comes to selecting kitchen benchtops.

22 June 2016

Going Old School: Choosing a Traditional Exterior Render for Your Home


While modern building materials have reached levels of durability and strength previously undreamed of, there's a still a lot to be said for many older processes and materials that are still in use. Traditional exterior renderings may have been supplanted in many places by modern acrylic and polymer finishes, but these venerable (and in some cases ancient) house coverings have many fine properties which are just as useful now as they were hundreds of years ago.

31 May 2016

Various Types of Stone Benchtops You Could Consider


If you are looking to transform your kitchen from conventional to eye-catching, then you should consider installing stone benchtops. Not only are these benchtops attractive, but they are also highly functional and durable too. It should be noted though that there are a variety of stone benchtops in the market that you could choose from. Here are some of the popular options that you could consider depending on your individual tastes and needs.

23 May 2016

Know the Right Kind of Shower Head for Your Bathroom


Every high profile bathroom design is complemented by the presence of a good shower head. After all is said and done about decorating your bathroom, it all comes back to enjoying a good shower. Knowing the best showerhead to install in your bathroom will improve your showering experience in your home. Below are some of the aspects you should consider before buying a showerhead. Ability to Save Water Any shower fixture you choose should offer the right water economy.

10 March 2016

Choosing A Low Maintenance Natural Stone For Your Bathroom


Natural stone tiles, counter tops and fittings can add a touch of real class and luxury to any unloved bathroom, and in the right hands they are durable, long lasting additions to your bathroom decor. However, some natural stones are much more user-friendly than others, and the regular maintenance and care that more delicate stones require can put a lot of home owners off the material as a whole. But do not be discouraged -- there are a number of natural stones available for bathroom renovations that do not require such tender loving care.

8 March 2016

What are the benefits of paving with limestone?


When you choose material for your outdoor paving needs, there are many of them to choose from. If you want to get out of the traditional asphalt and concrete, consider more unique materials like limestone. This is a natural rock found in ocean sea beds, providing colour and durability to your property. Here are some benefits of paving with limestone. It is a budget-friendly option If you are on a limited budget, you might find it difficult choosing a paving option for your patio or driveway.

11 February 2016

What are the different styles of cabinet doors?


If you are currently remodeling your kitchen, you might be re-thinking your cabinets. The first choice is to decide on the types of cabinet doors you want. There are many different varieties, from flat and standard to decorative or frameless. Here are some different styles to choose from. Traditional Cabinet Doors The basic cabinet doors, called traditional or sometimes face-frame cabinet doors, have the flat cabinet door framed in a cabinet box.

11 February 2016